Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This past month has been surprisingly busy! There's so much I need to update you all on.

I am now an organic farmer!! Well, I work for at an organic farm. Does that make me a farmer? Or is that not until I have a distinct farmer's tan, muck boots, and an insatiable desire to eat organic, local, heirloom tomatoes all the time? 

That last one isn't too far of a stretch...

Anyways, I now work for Lighthouse Gardens, which is a very unique organic farm; not only do they sell organic produce, but also organic starter plants (vegetable, herb, and ornamental), organic specially-formulated soil, and all of those in wholesale quantities, as well. It's a big operation! Apparently it's also one of the only organic farms that has each of those dimensions and operates out of a greenhouse in all of U.S.! Pretty spiffy.

It's been so much fun already. So far I have toiled in the fields, greenhouse, and the Brighton Farmers' Market. My favorite work so far has been in the greenhouse, because it is so beautiful, calming, and introverted! This job is a huge answer to prayer, because I have hated working so many extroverted jobs over the years and wanted something with a little more solitude. And this... is perfect. I'm so thankful!!

I'm also just elated that I get paid for doing something I love.

Which, and this might be a little sad, but... I forgot that could happen, that you could love your job, since I have had jobs that are totally against my personality for years. It's refreshing to realize you wouldn't mind working an hour longer when it's already time to leave. It's liberating.

I also have new creative endeavors! I am now consulting and assisting a friend with her newly formed Etsy shop, Painting 4 Him. So far it has been a blast! I love envisioning with her what she wants her shop to become and managing her online presence. She has already had a sale; isn't that great?? Check out her shop; she crafts adorable, colorful quilts and primitive art. 

Create a Windy Day | Aqua + Yellow Baby Quilt | Modern Retro Pinwheel | Playful Bright Wall Quilt Art

As if I'm not busy enough between those two new developments, my other job, being a wife, and my Etsy shop, 48valentine, I've decided to make more handmade items! I can't go into detail right now because this theory seems to really apply to me. But I can't wait to go through this process and eventually reveal my handmade goodness to the world!!

What have you guys been up to lately? I'd love to hear what my readers do and what new adventures they're embarking on. Tell all in the comments! :)

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