Saturday, May 17, 2014


A couple of (lot of) months ago I had the pleasure of taking photos of my expecting friends, Josh and Heather. They're so cute together and I had a blast, figuring out how to pose them and trying to frame the photos with bits of foliage. We decided to go to the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park, one of my favorite places (can you tell? It's featured in my banner, too :).

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This photo reminds me of Wes Anderson. Just needs a bit of Futura...

The textures were incredible! Cacti, succulents, flowers... It's truly an oasis.

Not only was it a learning curve because I've never done a full photoshoot of a couple before, but Heather was literally about to pop! I think she wound up having her wee little baby only a couple days later! Despite that, they were brilliant at posing and maintaining awkward cuddles while I basically stared at them through my lens. I mean, ultimate kudos to you guys. Seriously.

Heather reading Guess How Much I Love You :)

Haha. That photos just makes me laugh. 

Then we went outside to the beautiful rolling hills of the park. Did you know every single tree was planted in this park? Yet it looks so natural and effortless.

These photos are so old that Heather has actually had her baby who is already 7 months old now! But I thought they were still worth sharing :) I'll also be posting their 6 month old photo shoot soon!

Thank you so much, Josh and Heather! 

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