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Because I have gut issues, I have to be very careful of what kinds of things I consume. This includes not only food, but also medicines, makeup, and things like sunscreen and bug spray. I haven't totally reworked my medicine cabinet yet, but here's some things I have switched...

Instead of searching for days on end for the perfect, completely toxin-free organic lotion... just use coconut oil! It's silky texture is perfect and feels so light on the skin. It also makes you glow a bit because it's so shiny! (But it won't leave you looking oily). 

Another way I've been using coconut oil lately is for oil pulling. This is an ancient technique of swishing pure oil around your mouth for 10-20 minutes to allow toxins and bad bacteria get bound in the oil, which you then spit out. Some people do this instead of using toothpaste and others do it in addition to toothpaste... so far I have been doing the latter, but am interested in researching bentonite clay to replace my toothpaste, too. 

Check out even more uses for coconut oil here at Wellness Mama!

You might recognize castor oil as a great natural inducer of labor, but did you know it can help move the bowels, too? I recently was feeling sluggish in the nether regions, so I wet a washcloth with castor oil and placed it on my tummy to let the oil seep into my skin (this is called a castor oil pack). And it worked! Within an hour I had to go. Woohoo! 

castor oil 1 760

Castor oil can also help with liver detoxing and PMS cramps.


Since I read recently that there is a proven connection between NSAIDS (ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin) and gut flora problems, I have stopped using them completely. This... is incredibly hard, especially when your jobs are physically demanding and your muscles ache. Instead of just suffering, I've been finding some help in essential oils and products made with them, including the Badger Headache Soother. It's a salve that you spread onto your skin when you have headaches or sore muscles (I get really sore shoulders a lot, especially if I eat something I'm allergic to!). It really works! 
Badger Headache Soother

I also want to look into more essential oils in pure form to help with PMS cramps, bloating, constipation... pretty much anything. (I've heard doTerra is a good brand...)

I'll let you know of any more natural products I find and like! Have you used any of these products, and what did you think? Do you have anything you use instead?

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I am not a licensed medical practitioner and I am simply stating what has worked for me. I am not providing medical advice and am not responsible for outcomes; use the information from this blog at your own risk.

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