Monday, June 2, 2014


I have always loved Norah Jones. During my childhood, her album Come Away with Me was playing all the time at our house (whenever we weren't playing the soundtracks to My Best Friend's Wedding and You've Got Mail... thanks, Mom:). Whenever I hear those songs now I am brought back to the simplicity of that time and comforted by her unique voice. 
Billie Joe and Norah Jones - Foreverly CD

So, I introduce you to her new album Foreverly with Billy Joe. It's a lot like her first cds- folksy, with lots of harmony and adorable/cry your eyes out depressing lyrics. 

I can't get over the song "Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?" It's precious and melancholy and I love it. Sigh. 

It's funny, because I really don't listen to folk music that much at all. But Foreverly just puts you into this zone- a whole 'nother world- that feels comforting and old and right. Thank you, Norah Jones. I continue to be amazed. 

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